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wine fining agent 1 liter

wine fining agent 1 liter

wine fining agent 600g

Kieselsol & Citosan
wine fining agents 1liter+1liter


SmartClear A & B
wine fining agents 15g+50g for 23-25 liters of wine or spirit


Fining & Fining Agents

Clarifying substances can be used not only in their direct purpose, but also for regulation of colour, aroma, wine’s bouquet and stability. Being positively or negatively charged, they attract opposite charged particles in unclear wine. Bentonite (-), sparkolloid (-), egg white (+) are usually added to wine by themselves, and gelatin (+) - with the subsequent addition of silicon dioxide or kieselsol (-), and usually in white wines.


Wine Fining Agent

Special gelatine with a high degree of purification, odorless, suitable for clarification of wines and wine products and stabilization of wines made from them mainly against reversible colloidal haze. Accelerates the clarification process with dense sediment. Eliminates light flavors of wood, the smell of barrels, yeast and mould. In red wines it eliminates harsh tannins, gives it finesse and rounds fruity aromas. Also useful in color stabilization. Used in combination with Klarisil.


Wine Fining Agent

A liquid clarifier for wine and juices. Used in combination with Gelatine or Chitosan , added separately. A high degree of clarification, elimination of protein substances with high molecular weight.


Wine Fining Agent

A highly effective liquid fining agent for the clarification of alcoholic beverages

Product Description and Function

Chitosan is a high strength, high purity solution made from food grade 100% pure chitosan flake B-1,4-poly-D- glucosamine—derived from a formulated blend of crab, shrimp and lobster shells– for use as a high performance fining agent for the clarification of alcoholic beverages

Dosage and Application

Chitosan can be applied directly to the beverage 120-160g/HL, once fermentation is complete and the beverage has been stabilised. Before using Chitosan it is preferable to degas the beverage as excess dissolved CO2 will increase the clarification time..


for quick clarification of wine & spirit wash

SmartClear A & B Applied directly to the beverage once fermentation is complete and the beverage has been stabilised . Add SmartClear 1 first and stir well, leave for 1 hour now add SmartClear-2 and stir again then left to clear

A&B Enough to clarify 23-25 liters of wine or spirit wash


Wine Yeast Nutrient

Specifically designed for use with high alcohol tolerance yeasts

VitaNutrient specifically designed for use with high alcohol tolerance yeasts blended with a complete, chemically defined nutrient complex, containing all macro & micro nutritional requirements for the yeast, including nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium, essential vitamins & trace ....more information


Турбо Дрожжи SW20 Турбо Дрожжи 48 Турбо Дрожжи 24 Turbo élesztő Turbo raugs ħmira turbo Turbo de levedura drojdie Turbo турбо квасац Alkol Maya SW20 Turbo drożdże maja turbo Turbo kvasca Turbo droždí Turbo pärm Turbo Mayalar SW20
turbo yeast bulk
turbo yeast 1kg 2kg 5kg 10kg 25kg
Турбо дрожжи оптом الخمیرة الفورية ڵانتاج الكحول
خميرة توربو لانتاج الكحول
خميرة الويسكي
الخمائر لانتاج الويسكي , الخمائر الفورية لانتاج الكحول , خميرة توربو , انتاج النبيذ
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